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This Psalm is inspired by Revelation 3:14-22 where Jesus exhorts the Laodicean church to buy from Him white garments, that their shame and nakedness would not be revealed. Fine linen white garments are a symbol in the Bible of the good works of the saints and prophetically speaking refer to the wedding garment worn by the Bride when Jesus comes again that has no spot or wrinkle because it is washed by in the Blood of the Lamb. White is representative of holiness, consecration and purity.


My garments must be white,

Washed with Blood.

My garments must be white,

No stain or wrinkle,

I am made clean by crimson flow,

Thereby my shame is taken away.


Fine linen,  fine linen,

The holy works of the Lord.

God- inhabited tasks,

Executed in His power,

With grace and favour applied.

Ornaments of wisdom,

Around my neck,

Showing His love to the nations.


I am a witness of His infinite care,

The ways He loves me are unsearchable,

And He loves me without end.

Therefore I shall wear,

My fine linen,

The holy works of Heaven.

I give light and hope to those in blackness,

Bringing breakthrough to the captive dead,

Amazing good news revealing their arrogance,

They reach out for righteousnes,

Cast off the grave clothes,

They invite Salvation into their house.

All is now new and  peace,

All is now new and  peace.

Let the Lord be magnified,

And His enemies be scattered.



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