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door-knocker-137353  Let’s all open the door and let Jesus into our lives daily!

Thankyou for Your glorious love,

Which purposes a relationship with me,

Though I am stained,

Your blood washes me pure,

I am separated unto You,

And I open the door willingly,

And say, “Come in” with joy unspeakable and full of glory.


Amazing love,

That died for me,

Your beaten body,

Bought my healing.

Your pure blood,

Broke evils’ grip,

And delivered me from Hells’ Gates.

No death succeeds now,

Only life eternally abounding.

Bleeding Deliverer King.

I thank you with my lips,

Born again to praise You.


Soon the trumpet will sound,

And you will steal me,

Away into glory,

I will sit at the table,

The Bride and the Bridegroom,

And dine with You Jesus,

Knowing Your truth,

And together we will sit on Your Throne




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