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She thought that her beauty,

Could win His true favour,

She thought that her riches,

Could buy purest life,

She thought that her hard work,

Could purchase an invite,

To wonderful blessings and eternal life.


There at the gate,

A herald stared blankly,

And said to the woman,

“You’ve made a mistake!,

Not beauty, nor riches,

Not hard work or failure,

Is ever enough to purchase a Bride.”


Reeling, she stumbled,

Confused and redundant,

Sick to her stomach,

She’d strived all her life!


The herald proclaimed a marvelous new feature,

“The price of the future’s already been paid!

Pure blood is the payment,

And though no one is righteous,

One went forth from Brilliance,

A through love life gave.”


Seeing her error,

She cried for His pardon,

She laid down dark actions,

And picked up His grace.



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Shining and radiant,

Dazzling in beauty,

Love robed in victory,

Joyful in glory.

He was betrothed to a blood covered Bride,

He sits on His throne ’till she comes through the gate.


One day she made an amazing discovery,

The One she had shunned,

Was her true escape.

She looked at her feet and found they were shackled,

She looked at her hands and saw they were bound.

She looked at her robes and found they were darkness,

And all of her riches were muddied and weak.

Her enemy awaited , in a pretense of fairness,

He bribed her with honey, bitter to taste.

Wooing her sweetly towards the wrong gate.


She happened upon a clear pool of water,

And saw her appearance, realised her mistake,

She called on Love’s Passion,

He came to her rescue,

She was embarrassed by her crimson state.

He climbed down from brilliance,

And set free her future,

And though it was painful,

The blood of His mercy,

Made sins dark crimson,

As righteous as snow.


Now she stands covered in Loves’ tender mercies,

Trinkets and tokens,

Held in open hands.

She stands on the earth ground,

Offering the incense,

Pouring the oil and the perfume around.

People around her don’t see her for darkness,

But blind eyes are opened when good news is found.

Invites are made to the upcoming wedding,

True Love returns during signs of the times.

Heralds attendant as destiny opens,

Inheritance given, Gods’ kingdom reigns!



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Adore, adore,

Behold the Groom,

Gaze on His beauty,

His treasures made yours.

No earned possession,

Heaven’s bestowal,

Endowed with inheritance,

The sceptre victorious,

He invests in the broken,

His cup filled with hearts.


None can compare to His stunning attaining,

Truly matchless if His array.

His armies stood silent, violence crucified Love,

Disarmed enemies killed the Ascended,

Blood washes blackness ad darks deepest shame.

The Bride is so spotless,

Love is victorious,

Majesty reigns.


Poor become rich in His marvellous graces,

Visions bestowal, the finest design.

Blind receive sight through clearness of water,

Beautiful colours, gift wrapped with truth,

Those who are lame dance right into glory,

The steps of the righteous march in His Name.

Deaf hear the melodies of heavens’ bright standards,

The sounds of salvation, angels refrain.

The Bride is so spotless,

Love is victorious,

Majesty reigns.


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