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The scars on His back,

Were deep and revealing,

The scourging was thirty-nine,

The mocking was cold.


They cast lots for threads,

Of the worthy Rejected,

And we spat in His face,

With our sin spattered frowns.


He, on the wood,

Fought through their freedom,

And through His true piercing,

Though they were so spotted,

He made true their mercy,

In the place where Love bled.


Therefore His Father,

When seeing Him slighted,

Was pleased that He suffered,

And was assigned with the dead,

Then called Him to glory,

Gave a gold sceptre,

Said, “Come here be seated.

Pure blood has been shed.”

Holiness satisfied with love-induced payment,

Then gave Him a Name,

At which all fallen dread!

(I am amazed when I think of the love that Jesus displayed for us through His death on the cross.)


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