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Little Butterfly

Here is a psalm for the mothers of teenage daughters who are rebelling against God and looking for acceptance in this world. God gave this to me at a time when I was very discouraged and felt like I had no hope. May our sons and daughters be changed, from Glory to Glory! 


 Little Butterfly

 Scared and Alone,

 The storm is raging,

 And beating your wings.


Why do you try,

To put on the cloak of darkness

Given to you by the moths?

Don’t hide your colours,

Of Purple and Blue,

The brightness and beauty,

Given to you.

Don’t let your riches be weighed down with mud.


They say, “Come with us,

We’ll show you what Fun is!”,

Luring you to the place,

Where purpose can’t fly.


No, look up and see the great hand called Protection,

Placed on your life by the power of prayer,

And the awesome battalion,

Which Love has assigned to your care.



What is that Voice you hear calling your name?

Saying, “I see you, even here!

Little Butterfly,

Come out and be separate,

And here is the Way,

Pass through the Blood ,

To be clean again.


Then fly to the bank of the River,

By the still waters,

And drink deeply there.

Let the glory light warm your head,

See clearly with heavens’ true eyes.

You will shine forth in true colour!”



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